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Office Phone Booth is the ideal solution for open plan offices & co-working spaces.

Quiet zones are in demand in noisy office spaces. Acoustic meeting pods work well in even the most dynamic environments. Their modular structure and ergonomic form offer a variety of possible arrangements meeting diverse needs. The variety of components allows to create multi functional architectural pieces: from private pod to meeting room accommodating several people. The arrangement can be easily modified. They allow to divide office space without building permanent walls. Sound absorbing material improves not only acoustics of the office pods themselves, but also of the whole office environment.

Meeting Booths For Collaboration On Campus

While everyone has their own studying or work style, there’s no question that excess stimuli can interfere with success. With soundproof booths, you can give the community the privacy they need without sacrificing the natural liveliness and dynamic of campus.


Cutting-Edge Digital Product Features

LED Lighting
So you won’t get lost inside 🙂

Smart Power Hub
A socket, USB-A & C ports as well as a wireless charge pad for your phone.

Sit or Stand
The shelf is at the perfect height to sit on a barstool or stand.

Active Ventilation
Two ultra-quiet fans keep the booth cool.

Presence Sensor
Activates the light and ventilation while saving energy!

Levelling Feet
Uneven floor? No problem!

Customization Options

Available in any colour you like at no extra cost!


31 decibel noise reduction, from “traffic” to “quiet library” noise levels*. Get privacy when you need it – no more disturbing colleagues.

Free delivery

Our office booth comes with free delivery overworld . Enquire about our white glove installation service.

Maintenance & Support

Benefits Of Soundproof Office Booths

Productivity: When it’s time to buckle down and get work done, an office booth gives your team an easy way to get away from the commotion of the collaborative office space, significantly reducing the potential for interruptions. The distraction-free zone increases turnaround time on tasks while reducing employee stress.


Confidential matters in business are inevitable, and even the modern work environment demands closed-door conversations on occasion. Soundproof office pods and office phone booths give you the separation and sound-dampening qualities required to execute sensitive conversations freely without being overheard.

Critical Thinking

Brainstorming as a team is only one part of the creative process. For new ideas to flourish from seeds into actionable strategies or plans, they must be mulled over and contemplated, which is best done in silence. Office pods enrich creativity by providing alone time and space where your employees can think critically for powerful ideas, strategies, and even problem-solving.

Customizable Soundproof Booths For Your Office

we offer a vast selection of soundproof booths for open office spaces. From single-person office phone booths and pods to larger meeting booths, there is an option for every business.

Single-Person Office Pods: Whether you’re making a quick call or finishing an important project, our selection of customizable single-person office phone booths and pods are designed for comfortable and quiet work.
Collaborative Meeting Pods: Choose a two-person meeting booth or an expandable meeting booth that features an advanced modular design, adjusting to accommodate up to 6 people, facilitating anything from private conversations to collaborative team-centric discussions.


Individual Soundproof Booths Of Schools

Whether it’s studying for the next class, sending emails between lectures, or adding final details to a paper, there are many reasons why the people on campus need to sit down with their laptops for a moment or two of silence. Individual soundproof booths for schools enable the option in the most crowded and noisy spaces allowing students, faculty, and staff to seamlessly access the privacy they need.

Flexibility and Accessibility

Customizable soundproof booths for individual users are equipped with enough space for one person to work comfortably with their laptop or notebooks and work away for hours. Our soundproof booths' ergonomic and customizable design features beautiful glass walls and customizable flooring that blends into the surroundings, offering both visual aesthetics and functionality. .

Meeting Booths For Collaboration On Campus

Campuses aren't a place for solitude alone. It's where collaboration happens over group projects, clubs and associations, and even between professors. Meeting booths foster collaboration by creating a space where two to eight people can get together to discuss, brainstorm, and innovate without interruptions from the world around them. Contact EMAIL:nolan@pandacuweb.com

  • All Products
  • Soundproof Meeting Booth Philippines,Zoom Meeting Pods Singapore,Meeting Pods for Sale Malaysia,4 Person Booth South Africa
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