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CREALITY          ——3D Printing Evangelist

Founded in 2014, Shenzhen Creality 3D Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the design, research, production of 3D printers and 3D printing related products. Consisting of professional researchers and skilled engineers, our R&D team constantly strives for creative function and excellent user experience. The company’s R&D investments on 3d printing cover FDM/resin 3D printers, 3D scanners, filaments, resin, as well as 3D printed drones and robots that back up STEAM education.

Our self-owned factory is certificated with BSCI and ISO, covering an area of 50,000 square meters, and achieving an annual production capacity of over 1,000,000 units. Our products are all certified to CE, FCC, and ROHS standards, have exported to more than 192 countries including, but not limited to France, the United States of America, Australia, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, Egypt, and India, bringing technological innovation to all walks of life

Creative 3D Sermoon D1 3D printer won the award


Reasons for award:

As a desktop 3 d printer products, devised three dimensional Sermoon D1 provides users with accurate industrial printing quality, adopting semi-closed machine case design and create a more quiet and smooth printing environment, and have the wear-resisting glass scratch resistant easy to clean carbon silicon do print platform not only provide stable base for printing operations, After printing, it is easier to go to the model. Most importantly, the Sermoon D1 uses an adaptive wide voltage power supply, which eliminates the need to worry about voltage instability. The machine’s cutting off and power – off function also ensures the continuity of printing.

Crowd positioning analysis:

Designed as a 3D printer for personal or studio use, Sermoon D1 uses a 4.3-inch touch control screen with a 45 ° Angle and a simple and clear UI. In the print nozzle part, the product adopts all metal parts to ensure the stability and reliability of parts during heating and extrusion. Combined with the high-power fan next to the product, the metal parts are also easier to cool, which can make the equipment work continuously for a longer time. The Sermoon D1 can meet the needs of homes, schools, creative studios, design institutes and other indoor environments with ease of control, printing accuracy and operation stability.


Why Choose Creality?

Brand Advantages

High market recognition

1,200,000 users around the world

The annual shipment exceeds 1,000,000 pieces

80% of products are exported to foreign countries

R&D Advantages

Over 500 professional R&D members

National R&D center and 3D printing laboratories

Increasing investment in product research and development

Over 100  core patents of independent intellectual property rights

Production Advantages

4 professional test lines

16 modern production lines

Over 50,000 m² company base

The monthly production capacity exceeds 83,000 pieces

Ende-3 S1, a new 3D printer of Creative 3D, hit the market

Recently, Creative 3D continued the popular gene of Ende-3 and launched a new ENde-3 S1 3D printer. Its innovative design concept, powerful functions and ultra-high cost performance meet the needs of makers and entry-level young consumers.

In terms of product and function, it continues the appearance of the classic model Ender-3. Ende-3 S1 has a proximal extruder that is good at printing flexible consumables such as TPU, automatic leveling function, 32-bit mute motherboard, spring steel magnet platform and easy-to-use knob screen, giving it high-quality printing and brand new product experience.

Sprite near end double gear extruder is good at printing flexible consumables

Ende-3 S1 adopts the proximal end extrusion design and is equipped with the new “Spirit” proximal end double gear extruder, which is not afraid of printing soft materials. Adopt 30 chrome steel double gear extrusion, 1:3.5 gear reduction ratio, extrusion force up to 8kg, advance and exit material is very smooth, greatly reduce the risk of consumables fracture and nozzle blockage. Weighing only 210g, it is much lighter than other near-end extruders, and the pressure of the extruder movement on the optical axis or guide rail is greatly reduced. You can imagine how wonderful it is that your 3D printer can hit a soft phone case.

Bl-touch automatic leveling leveling is easy to use

The automatic leveling function is very helpful for beginners and 3D printing promotion, it avoids the tortuous 3D printing operation for 3D printing novices. Ende-3 S1 has a 16-point intelligent leveling system that automatically compensates for hot bed unevenness cl-Touch, and its setup and operation were always surprising when we tested its auto-adjustment function. It can automatically complete leveling and printing, the whole leveling system is easier to use and operate.

Safe mute enjoy printing fun

Imagine that the printing process is full of noise, which will seriously affect the surrounding environment and mood. For this reason, we use the independent research and development of 32-bit patent silent motherboard, low decibel operation, greatly reduce the noise, enjoy the pleasure of printing.

Precision synchronous double Z axis

In order to print fine precision and high degree of reduction, a stable structure is essential. We have inherited some classic functional modules of Ende-3, such as integrated aluminum gantry frame + H-type metal base, V profile + linear pulley system, etc. The integrated structure of the fuselage makes the machine more stable. Z-axis double screw with double motor to ensure smooth operation, can effectively eliminate jitter, perfect restore every detail.

PC spring steel printing platform

The sticking of the model is also the key to the success of printing. The unstable sticking and incomplete taking of the model will lead to the failure of printing.

The innovative printing platform with PC coating, spring steel and soft magnetic paste is adopted. The model is easy to stick, and the model can be easily bent on the platform. PC spring steel printing platform, the first layer is sticky, take the mold only gently bending platform, more convenient and more practical.

Easy to assemble

Ende-3 S1 is not only a good choice for beginners to 3D printing, but also for those who really just want to use a 3D printer without any extra work. 96% of the body is pre-assembled, and the 6-step fast assembly makes the assembly of the machine extremely convenient. At the same time, its operation is also very easy, and it can be used in a short time and obtain the finished model, which is really a big surprise.

The optimization design

In addition, ende-3 S1 also has the function of broken material detection/power failure to continue the fight; 4.3 “LCD display screen, simple UI interface, when you have no operation within 5 minutes, the screen will automatically darken, energy saving and environmental protection; Preset laser engraving, LED lights, water cooling expansion, extruder fan and other interfaces, unlock more functional gameplay. Easy-to-use material racks, knob-type XY axis tensioner and other small details are optimized to make the printer more reliable and improve the user experience.

Whether you are a maker enthusiast looking for a reliable 3D printer, or a curious novice user, you can consider ender-3 S1, a cost-effective and easy-to-use FDM3D printer with advanced features that make it more popular than other 3D printers.

Honors that Creality Earned From 3D Printing Industry Medias

    Our Prospect

                   Build a world-leading intelligent longevity enterprise

  Our Mission

                  Create reality, achieve dreams!

As the mission we always mentioned, passing on the spirit of the evangelist, facilitating people to enjoy the convenience of technology. We intend to enable people to know more about 3d printing technology. Create reality, achieve dreams! This is how it was. Like us, we don’t even believe that our dreams will become reality. But today, we are here.

Core Values


Integrity and trustworthy come priority

Action must be combined with knowledge



Don’t be afraid of Change

Don’t fear of failure


Respect the past, face the present, anticipate

the future



Duties must be fulfilled, skills must be

highly reflected


No shirk, no blame, stay positive when

encountering troubles


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Focus on employee growth