With the large-scale development of 3D printing technology, it makes the architecture design more free and open. We can design new shapes and provide innovative solutions according to our needs. So there are some main advantages of 3D printing in architecture you are interested.

Advantages while designing

1. Speed

3D printing can not only help design companies quickly display the buildings on the drawings through the physical model, but also help construction companies shorten the production time. This is because 3D printing speed is 5-10 times faster than traditional model manufacturing. In addition, the machine only needs to be monitored, and most production processes do not need any people. So 3D printing can eliminate human errors due to the automation of 3D printers.  

2. Innovate design

The advantage of 3D printing in the construction industry is that it can bring some innovative solutions. For example, 3D printing technology can improve project planning. Starting from the CAD plan of the building, based on these drawings, you can make 3D models to meet customers’ expectations and show them the best design solutions. In addition, some machines don’t even need electricity because they use green energy, which means we can take them to undeveloped areas to build houses.

As you can see, there are main four advantages of using a 3D printer in the construction industry, and especially, the construction companies can gain a lot. 3D printing technology helps you monitor the entire production process, from the early stages of the project to the production process, and to the final completion. In addition, due to almost no waste of materials, it can not only save costs but also be more environmentally friendly. ( For the construction, the recommended printers are the LD-002R and CR-5 Pro.)

Advantages while building

1. Almost no waste of materials

The main advantage of 3D printing in the construction industry is that it saves a lot of production costs. For example, the first family lives a 3D printing house where was built in Nantes, France. And this project is named the Yhnova. ( if you are interested in this printed house, you can click this link.) This printed house only needs 54 hours. Thanks to the 3D printing technique, the house was about 20% cheaper than for the same construction using traditional solutions.

2. Reduce the cost of the construction industry

3D printing technology can not only reduce the use of materials, but also require far less manpower than traditional buildings, so it greatly reduces the cost. At the same time, 3D printing is also a rapid prototyping technology, 3D printers do not need to eat or sleep, they can work 24 hours without interruption.