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1. How to turn on the Ender-3 3d printer?


After turning on the power, please press the button of"boat" then it's okay.


2. Do I need to turn off the Ender-3 after printing?


Please turn off the machine when you do not want to continue to print the models.


3. How to load filament into Ender-3?


Please heat the nozzle to 200 degrees Celsius at first; then use cutting pliers to cut and straighten the front end of the filament at a 45-degree angle; and then open the extrusion clamp, pass the filament into the extruder kit along with the cut-off detection aperture; until the filaments flow out from the machine nozzle.


4. How to replace the filament?


Please heat the nozzle at 200 degrees Celsius at first, then pinch the extrusion clamp to push the old filaments forward and pull it out quickly, while preheating the nozzle and withdraw the filament quickly and feed the new filament.


5. If the printed model is relatively large, can the machine work continuously?


Please rest assured to print, the machine can print up to 200 hours continuously.


6. The model is almost finished printing, but what should I do if the power is cut off suddenly?


The machine has the function of continuous power off, it can continue printing when the power is restored normally.


7. Does the machine have any requirements for the use environment?


Normal room temperature is sufficient. If the ambient temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius, the temperature of the hotbed needs to be increased to about 60 degrees Celsius for printing.


8. Is the machine noisy when working?


When the machine is working, it will not produce a particularly loud sound.


9. Can I print ABS filament?


ABS filament has a high-temperature requirement, and it needs to be in a constant temperature environment when printing. In general, we do not suggest direct printing.


10. Is the Ender-3 3d printer suitable for children and the elderly?


Because the nozzle is heated to a high temperature, children and the elderly need to use it under the guidance of someone to avoid burns.


11. How to judge that the belt has been adjusted?


Please move the X/Y axis back and forth or feel the tension of the belt with your hands.


12. Does the  Ender-3 3d printer support Chinese and English to switch in the same filament?


Nope. You need to flash the corresponding firmware to catch what you want.


13. Where is the Ender-3 consumable rack installed?


The filament rack is fixed above the gantry rack, put the filament rack vertically on it, and it can be used after the screws are locked.


14. Can the nozzle be moved manually?


Select to turn off the stepper motor to manually move the nozzle.


15. What is the nozzle diameter?


0.4mm by default, other specifications such as 0.2, 0.6, 0.8 can be replaced.

1. What's the machine's print size?




2. Does this machine support two-color printing?


It's a single nozzle structure, so it doesn't support two-color printing.


3. What's the printing accuracy of the machine?


The standard configuration is a 0.4mm nozzle, which can support an accuracy range of 0.1-0.4mm


4. Does the machine support users of the 3mm filament?


Only supports 1.75mm diameter filaments.


5. Which filaments support printing in the machine?


It supports printing the PLA、TPU、carbon fiber and other linear filaments.


6. Does the machine support connecting to a computer for printing?


It supports online and offline printing, but normally, we suggest printing offline that will be better.


7. If the local voltage only 110V, does it support?


There are 115V and 230V gears on the power supply for adjustment, DC: 24V


8. How is the power consumption of the machine?


The overall rated power of the machine is 270W, and the power consumption is lower.


9. What's the highest nozzle temperature?


250 degrees Celsius


10. What is the maximum temperature of the hotbed?


110 degrees Celsius


11. Does the machine have the function of continuous power off?


Yes, it does.


12. Does the machine have a material breakage detection function?


No, it doesn't support it.


13. Is there a double Z-axis screw of the machine?


No, it's a single screw structure.


14. Does the machine support Chinese and English to switch in the same filament?


Nope. You need to flash the corresponding firmware to catch what you want.


15. Are there any requirements for the computer system?


Currently, it can be used in Windows XP/Vista/7/10/MAC/Linux.


16. What's the printing speed of the machine?


The best printing speed of the machine is 50-60mm/s.