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Creality 3D is a professional 3d printer manufacturer, specializing in integrating 3d printing software research, 3d printer design, and 3d printer distributing & reselling as a whole. We encourage everyone to join Creality 3D to learn more about 3d printing and enjoy the convenience of technology.

Why creality3D printer

Sale service:In the cooperation, there are exclusive engineers and business specialists for docking, and project supervisors for process control, positive communication and interaction, timely discovery of problems, timely communication, to protect the production and delivery of the bank.


After sales meet any problems required by customers, there are professional QE and engineering personnel docking, the same day response; And timely to the site to confirm, discuss, solve problems to meet customer production needs, to avoid the phenomenon of shutdown.

Software easy to operate

Map - & gt; Selected mode - & gt; Start printing, three steps to complete processing, at the same time to provide a variety of field mode, to meet the needs of different printing process

Stable and reliable operation

Full version 1000+ parts at the same time printing, continuous continuous processing 200+ hours, meet the processing service center, precision casting and other commercial operation scenarios test

Excellent surface accuracy

Dynamic contour recognition technology is adopted to optimize the process for complex features such as thin wall, groove, sharp corner, cantilever and exposed surface. The precision of details can reach 0.1mm, exceeding the mainstream level of the industry

Fully open technology

Open more than 100 kinds of underlying parameters for equipment manufacturers, covering all process links. And can be customized according to user requirements of the special process

Freedom of hardware selection

Support industry mainstream laser, control card, PLC, galvanometer, motor, sensor, and can be customized according to user requirements, electrical and mechanical solutions

Material customization optimization

From process parameters, control logic to scanning strategy, we provide in-depth customized services for the special materials used by users. At present, ceramic paste and other special materials have been successfully used

Fast printing speed

Full pipeline architecture and zero-delay global path planning algorithm are adopted to ensure maximum machining efficiency. In the same hardware configuration scenario, the measured speed is more than 25% faster than the industry average

Large format support

Unique random disturbance curve, multi-galvanometer load balancing and other patented technologies support multi-laser galvanometer scanning parallel manufacturing, multi-cylinder alternate manufacturing and other processing scenarios for super-large size parts

Chen Chun, founder of Create 3D: Let 3D printing enter every household

The 3D printing industry is seen as a “dark horse” bucking the trend of the epidemic. Data from the National Bureau of Statistics show that in 2020, the added value of large-scale high-tech manufacturing increased by 7.1 percent from the previous year, and many products saw significant growth, including 3D printing equipment that more than doubled the growth rate. Shenzhen 3D printing enterprises also delivered a bright report card. In April last year, Shenzhen Creation3d Technology Co., Ltd. created a “myth” in the industry that “160,000 overseas orders were placed in half a month, and one was sold every eight seconds”.

“The overseas market is hot, but we are also firmly optimistic about the domestic market for 3D printing.” Recently accepted shenzhen Business Daily reporter interview, creation of 3d founder Chen Chun said so.

Chen Chun, founder of Creative 3d

3D printing offers new possibilities for supply chains

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading around the world, shutting down a large number of overseas factories, limiting offline distribution channels, blocking the global supply chain, and forcing people to work and entertain at home due to the shortage of protective materials such as masks and goggles. This is a good opportunity for creative 3D and even the whole 3D printing industry. “3D printing offers new possibilities for solving global supply chain challenges.” Chen chun said.

On February 8, 2020, Creation3d shared the open source files of its 3D printed masks and goggles to the world, which attracted a large number of users to download. The characteristics of 3D printing, such as fast, small batch, no mold, flexible manufacturing and on-demand production, are attracting more and more people’s attention. On the one hand, 3D printers are used to print protective materials, or 3D printers are used as home entertainment equipment. On the other hand, 3D printing is also used as production equipment to print parts for cars and airplanes. “It is not unusual for an engineer overseas to have three or five 3D printers in his home.” Chen chun said.

The epidemic has boosted the popularity of 3D printing. Under the strategy of expanding factories, increasing recruitment, expanding production capacity, and increasing overseas warehouse stock, Creative 3d bucked the trend and made great progress last year. Its products were exported to overseas markets and its shipment exceeded 1 million units, setting a new record. Chen chun revealed that in 2020, The sales volume of Creation3d will increase by two and a half times, 90% of which will be mainly exported.

According to the statistics of The Antarctic Bear 3D Printing website, among 28 3D printing enterprises that have disclosed a revenue of more than 100 million yuan in 2020, Creative 3D ranked first among consumer 3D printing enterprises with a revenue of more than 1 billion yuan. So far, Creative 3D has gained more than 1.2 million users and released nearly 70 3D printers. In the past 7 years, Creative 3D’s 3D printers have been exported to 192 countries and regions from Shenzhen.

3D printers should not be toys

Founded in 2014, The company is headquartered in Longhua District, Shenzhen. At the beginning of creation 3D, the four founders, including Chen Chun, decided to “popularize 3D printing in China and let 3D printing enter every household”. Is Creative 3d, which turned 7 this month, far from achieving that goal? In Chen’s view, “there is still at least some distance”, which is one from the market, and the other from technical limitations.

Chen chun said that after the outbreak of the epidemic, 3D printers came into people’s eyes, but many people may have only heard of the concept of 3D printing, but still do not know the role of 3D printing, what problems it can solve, whether the cost is high or not, and there is a very long process to popularize the market. In terms of technology, as far as consumer 3D printers are concerned, there is not a big gap between domestic 3D printing enterprises and foreign countries. “The key is whether we can provide a huge library of models so that users can see something outside and make it at home with a 3D printer, improving the practicality of 3D printers, rather than just providing a few models and reducing 3D printers to ‘disposable toys’.”

Creative 3d Building

Chen Chun explained that for this reason, Creation3D has built creation3D cloud platform. On the one hand, 3D printer enterprises can build a massive model library through the cloud platform, simplifying the way for users to obtain models, so that consumers do not need to spend too much time, out of the box. On the other hand, Chen also hopes that more professional 3D printing users can communicate and share with each other on the cloud platform, so as to attract more new users and further popularize the market.

The domestic 3D printing market is extremely optimistic

From 1986, the world’s first commercial printer appeared, has been more than 30 years. In Chen’s opinion, this era offers a good opportunity for 3D printing. At present, 3D printing has penetrated into People’s Daily life, from the frames of glasses, masks and shoes we wear to the fields of aerospace, AUTOMOBILE 3C, jewelry and industrial design. Even in the medical industry, people have begun to use 3D printers for cell culture and bone transplantation. “The 3D printing industry has no ceiling, and it is constantly bumping into more and more connections with various industries. It will only be a ‘1+N’ relationship.” Chen chun said.

However, Chen said, “IT will take at least 10 years for 3D printers to enter every household.” In his opinion, the acceptance of 3D printing in overseas markets is much higher than in China. For example, about 5 percent of households in the United States have started using 3D printers, “while maybe less than 1 in 1,000 households in China”.

Nevertheless, Chen Chun repeatedly stressed to reporters, he is still infinitely optimistic about the domestic market. “Our domestic sales team and foreign sales team, the number of people ratio has been close to 1:1, the domestic sales team to create only 15% of the output value, but we firmly believe that the domestic market has a huge room for growth in the future.”

Chen chun said that in recent years, more and more schools are starting to add 3 d printing course or professional, “this generation of children early education in school to accept a guest, their cognition of 3 d printing will gradually over us, when they walk into society, is to be a part of driving the development of 3 d printing industry, more and more people understand and know the 3 d printing, This could be a foundation for 3D printers to enter every home.” Chen chun said.

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Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Creality has released a new system that’s poised to ramp up the pace of FDM additive manufacturing for designer-makers everywhere.

However, the great support and solid output quality of this printer also make it easy-to-use. Whether you’re interested in buying your very first 3D printer or you’re looking to set up a fleet for manufacturing, the Creality Ender 3 Pro is one of the best 3D printers you can buy.

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3D Printers for Educators & Professionals

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With the development of 3D printing technology, 3D printer applications are more and more popular in people’s daily life. In order to facilitate people to enjoy the fun of 3D printers, and make it more convenient for our Creality 3D fans to use printers, Creality is looking for dealers, distributors, and resellers worldwide!

At present, our customers cover all professions and trades, such as wholesalers, retailers, education practitioners, manufacturers, factories, etc

No matter you have the desire to start your own business, or you have other good ideas about the 3D printer. You are welcomed to join us right this moment.

As the leading research and design company of additive manufacturing, we always take quality as a priority, focus on making the best printer with high performance, and offering the best service for everyone.

Schools around the world are increasingly turning to more creative ways of teaching, moving from boring lesson plans to learning through games. The world is changing, and education must change with it. To prepare children for careers in engineering or 3D software design, schools are looking for the best 3D printers to teach children.As a result, many 3D printers are designed specifically for the classroom.
So far, easy to use, especially for young students. If they can’t operate the printer, they won’t be inspired or learn anything, so simplicity is the first priority. 3D printers for younger classes have to be safer and simpler, while more savvy students, such as engineering majors, are safer and more comfortable around more sophisticated printers.
In addition, reliability. Teachers can’t fix broken printers and teach at the same time — any educational 3D printer must work consistently.

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