The 7th anniversary celebration of Creative 3D and 3D Printing Industry Summit was successfully held

On April 9, 2021, Shenzhen Creation3d Technology Co., LTD., an internationally renowned 3D printing enterprise, held its 7th anniversary celebration and 3D Printing Industry Summit in Shenzhen Bocube International Hotel. At this celebration, Creation3D released Sermoon V1, Halot-Sky, CR-10 Smart and other major new products. Leaders, elites and media from both inside and outside the industry attended the celebration to witness the beautiful and unforgettable moment!

Glory 7 years of the original heart unchanged

Liu Huilin, founder of Creation3d, said in his speech at the ceremony that since its establishment in 2014, Creation3D has been committed to the r&d and production of 3D printers with the spirit of “evangelist of 3D printing industry”. In just 7 years, creation3D has achieved a leap from 0 to 1 and become a leader in the consumer 3D printer industry. At the same time, it also said that in order to let everyone have a multidimensional understanding of 3D printing innovation and application trends and technical problems to overcome, Creative 3D focuses on the development trend of 3D printing industry, and makes the annual anniversary of the 3D printing industry summit.

Yoshi’s new product opens a new era of intelligent 3D printing

Creative 3D has always been deeply engaged in the consumer use scene, carrying out product iterations towards professional and seiko, and continuously exploring and improving the 3D printer product line. This celebration, Creative 3d released a new product covering DIY, complete machine, light curing, accessories.

It is worth mentioning that cr-10Smart, a new DIY product, realizes intelligent wireless 3D printing through functional and design innovation. Sermoon V1, a new product of Sermoon series, is cost-effective, high-performance and extremely simple, enabling multiple scenarios. The light curable HALOT series will be released as Halot-Sky, which innovatively innovates the integral light source, solves the problems of uneven curing, exposure transition, printing lamination and so on, and brings a continuous and stable light source, resulting in the characteristics of high uniformity, high compensation, high light intensity, greatly improving the gloss and fineness of the model.

The release of this new product is an intelligent 3D printing era in which 3D ideas are voiced to the world and new ideas are put forward. There is no doubt that this new product release is not only a new round of vast layout of the 3d brand, but also an important starting point to explore new scenes.

(CR – 10 Smart)


(Sermoon V1)

We will embark on a new journey together with fusion, peer creation and future creation

In the keynote speech of “Fusion · Peer · Create the Future”, Chen Chun, co-founder of Creation3d said: in the past 7 years, Creation3D has been daring to break through and continue to innovate, gradually growing into a product-driven, user-centered omni-channel brand operation company. Deepen the layout of “one body and two wings” in business, take 3D printing industry application solutions as the main body, build creative cloud platform based on user needs, and build an ecological closed-loop system of 3D printing industry. In the future, Creation3d will deepen the layout of “product force, brand force, channel force, organization force” four core capabilities, committed to become a hundred years of intelligent manufacturing enterprises.

We are always on the way

All the extraordinary comes from the extraordinary in every step. Liu Mei-jiao, BG Director of Creative 3D Product Application, said in her keynote speech “We are Always on the Road” that: Since the first 3D printer CR-3 in 2014, Creative 3D has been constantly innovating and always adheres to the user-centered approach to provide users with the best 3D printer. In the future, Creation3d strives for innovation in product innovation, user experience and application solutions, and will redefine experience.

Big names gather to discuss the future of 3D printing

The summit, than 3 d link, set up a roundtable conference guests invited four blockbuster: south China university of technology, increase material manufacturing, Ph.D., associate professor, master tutor Song Changhui, a professor at the South Pole bear 3 d printing net co-founder Pan Xuesong, shenzhen cross-border electronic commerce association 5 a-class business association executive director Wang Xin, director of the Chinese market BC ray new eggs. Four guests made a profound discussion on the market and development trend of 3D printing technology, and made forward-looking judgments.

Preach 3D printing industry to witness new power

Over the years, Creation3D has always been the evangelist of the 3D printing industry. The Creation3D Society supported by Creation3D brought together a group of young forces in the 3D printing industry. In this celebration, Creation3D awarded the top ten societies for The Thousand Tuan Action. In addition, in order to encourage more people to invest in the 3D printing industry, Creation3d opened the Global DIY Creative Modification Masters Competition at the beginning of the year, and awarded prizes to the winners of the competition.

Ride the wind and waves, create glory again! We believe that 2021 will be a brand new beginning for Creation3D. In the future, Creation3D will adhere to the spirit of the EVANGEList of 3D printing industry and explore the new journey of 3D printing industry with stronger and faster posture.