Office Meeting Room Pods Second Hand Meeting Pods Malaysia

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Soundproof Office Pods
To ensure you are getting the most technically advanced pod available, over our 5 years of experience we have fine tuned every facet of the pod in scrutinous detail to create a staple furniture piece of the highest quality. We design and manufacture our own pods after extensive R&D testing and prototyping, with each pod having a sustainable core timber build from FSC-accredited sources.

We use 45mm thick reconstituted foam that yields a resilient yet comfortable seat with a long-life span and ideal acoustic qualities. Our fabric is a modern crepe weave made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester, which diverts waste from landfill to save on virgin raw materials. It’s stretch properties, coupled with high flame retardancy, durability and non-pilling attributes make it our ideal choice since it is both durable and sustainable. The cavity space is also insulated with automotive non-weave acoustic padding to further diffuse and dampen travelling sounds.

We strive to not only make our office booths perform exceptionally well but do so with minimal impact on the environment and without harm to anyone producing our resources. Hence, we use as many recycled and recyclable materials as we can to ensure our office pods are ethically produced. All our Pods are manufactured locally in Watford, and we deliver and install across the UK.


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