Office Privacy Phone Booth Workplace Pods Malaysia

4990,00 $


Our Pods have repeatedly proven to lead to higher employee satisfaction since they provide an immediate, convenient and private workspace in loud offices. This means fewer distractions, higher productivity and thus more effective periods of concentration. The work booth solves the problems created in from a noisy office and while also being a fashionable furniture piece.

Research shows that employees are 15% less productive and have immense trouble concentrating in open plan offices, so to combat this our work booths provide the perfect solution, all at a reasonable price. Installed in just a few hours and easily moved once in the office, the Dapapod is at the forefront of the pod marketplace.

We strive to not only make products that perform exceptionally well, but do so with minimal impact on the environment and without harm to anyone producing our resources. Dapapods fulfil all demands for management, quality and sustainability. Using as much recycled and recyclable materials we can to ensure an end product that is ethically produced.


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