Private Meeting Pods Private Office Booth Pods for Office Space Philippines

4990,00 $


Privacy pods facilitate the creation of dedicated, focused spaces. The realm of public spaces is one area that privacy pods strive to enhance. We offer commuters, travelers, shoppers, and the general public the opportunity to create personalized, focused environments that meet individual needs.

We are a leading provider of innovative, modular pods that provide privacy and productivity. The pods can be customized to complement any environment.

Our self-contained office spaces feature sound dampening, ergonomic design elements, task and ambient LED lighting, a connectSMART™ panel streamlining all electric and networking connections, ventilation, privacy options, and dozens of opaque and translucent finishes.

Our products are easy to set-up and available today in personalized configurations.

Units are larger in size and features when compared to equally priced competitive units.

Easy Set-Up
Lightweight aluminum walls are easy to set-up and collapse day-to-day.

Sound Dampening
Wall and door technology offering up to four layers of material to stop unwanted noise.

Units have the largest and strongest, fully adjustable desk and shelf space. Fully ADA compliant with easy entry and exit.


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