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  • Easy to use. start a smart journey Eliminate complex modeling and assembly processes. start-up then scan. no need to preheat. and get 3D data only in three minutes.
  • A quick scan with Self-contained texture map.
  • AR content production Teach users to find a way to tell a story in AR through 3D modeling. bone binding. and a program that drives the model.
  • Cloud computing storage Embedded computing ability. frequently used indoor and outdoor.
  • Multi-purpose. fun and entertaining Equipped with a new Android system. combining functions in one. unlimited download of massive teaching resources.
  • 3D animation production Automatically binds bones with one click. based on motion capture technology. map actions to models. greatly reducing course difficulty and production time.

3D scanner


Scanning range 300??200??250mm
Texture resolution 2 million-13 million pixels
Texture RGB24 bit HD map
Scan mode Turntable automatic scanning
Single-sided scanning accuracy 0.1mm
Scanning speeds 2min/circle
Support 3D printing format Automatic turntable stitching
Stitching method Yes
SDK secondary development kit STL .OBJ .amf
Scan calculation mode Alibaba Cloud/LAN
Projection Support 1080p color projection
Stitching method Automatic turntable stitching
Camera resolution 13milion(2
Screen resolution 7inches.2K
Equipment weight Net weight 520g
Battery 6200mAH
CPU 2.0GHZ.6 core ARM processor
Body storage 64G/32G
Android system Andriod 7.0

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