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Upgraded PEI Magnetic Flexible Heated Bed Kits



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How to choose the suitable 3D Printer Build Plate?

Carborundum Glass is one of the most popular building surfaces because it’s simple. A glass sheet is an easy solution for most printers. It’s stiff and flat. so it won’t warp over time. After using for several times .the platform can be clean by using alcohol or acetone.

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Cmagnet Plate is a unique system that allows you to snap your prints off the bed just by flexing the bed. The composite magnetic material of strong and non-degaussing magnetic forces of the magnetic sticker. easy to be installed and removed.

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PEI has excellent mechanical properties. radiation resistance. high and low-temperature resistance. high-temperature stability. and high wear resistance as well as good flame retardancy. chemical resistance. and electrical insulation characteristics.

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Ender 3 Glass Cmagnet Plates PEI Sheet
Size 235*235*4mm 235*235*1mm 235*235*1.2mm
Temperature 400?? 70?? 200??
Wight 0.56kg 0.26kg 0.54kg
Material Glass and composite materials 0.38 Coarse Sand PC Mounted Soft Magnet PEI
Repeated use ?? ?? ??
Easy to install ?? ?? ??
Flexible soft platform ?? ?? ??

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PEI Sheet+Cmagnet Plates, PEI Sheet+Glass Bad

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